Andy Rouillard’s guide to summer male waxing

By Sophie Nutt | 11 September 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

Andy Rouillard Expert Waxing Male Summer Tips

Andy Rouillard, men’s waxing specialist and owner of Axiom Wax Academy, shares his top tips to male waxing in the summer with the Just Wax Expert range from Salon System

Andy Rouillard

As the sunny weather rolls on, it is likely that clients will arrive for their appointments warmer and perspiring more than normal. Hot, clammy skin is a nightmare to wax, so don’t skimp on the pre-wax cleanser.

A nice touch is to provide personal wipes for intimate waxing customers to freshen up with prior to their treatment. For larger areas such as legs, arms, chests and backs, the Just Wax Expert Cleanse & Prime can be applied directly to the body with your gloved hands to quickly cool and prep the area, then wiped off with cotton pads. It’s serum texture liquefies when massaged into the skin to remove all traces of perspiration and body lotions, and the addition of menthol feels wonderfully refreshing for customers.

Wax won’t stick to wet skin, whether this is due to perspiration or products, so ensure the area is then completely dry before continuing. A light dusting of talc-free powder (such as cornstarch) is a useful trick for combatting any sweaty bits.

At the other end of the scale, customers who have been basking in the sun or overcooked their tan are likely to have much drier, dehydrated skin. This can cause your wax to stick more and skin to lift, so work in smaller sections and apply a tiny amount of oil or the Just Wax Expert Protect & Calm instead of powder to compensate. Its combination of shea butter and mongongo oil will provide extra protection for dry, fragile skin. Simply massage into the area and wipe off any excess with a tissue or cotton pad before applying your wax, and you’re good to go.

A top tip is to never wax over sunburnt skin, even at the peeling stage, as there is a high risk of lifting. Wait for things to completely heal before slapping on the sticky stuff.

High temperatures can play havoc with your peelable wax, too. The Just Wax Expert Hot Waxes set in under 20 seconds, which is a blessing in stuffy treatment rooms. Nonetheless, if you find your wax is taking too long to set on the body in this humid weather, simply dampen a cotton pace with water and wipe over the top to rapidly cool and harden any gummy patches.

With travel restrictions easing after lockdown, customers are understandably keen to make the most of the last months of summer. Whether they’re heading to Bali or Blackpool, plan backwards from any planned trip so you can schedule their next few appointments appropriately and avoid a last-minute run-in with a razor.

It’s a good idea to advise clients to book their final pre-holiday wax a few days before their trip, too, rather than leaving it to the night before they jet off. Nobody wants to be sat on a plane for several hours with a freshly waxed back or bikini line, plus it allows plenty of time for any potential redness or sensitivity to calm down before they strip off at the pool.

A top tip to help customers keep their skin in super condition is by retailing a bottle of Just Wax Expert Protect & Calm. Jam-packed with natural moisturising oils, this silky lotion sinks in quickly and can be used all over the body. The addition of anti-inflammatory marshmallow extract makes it especially soothing after sun exposure, helping to keep the skin soft and hydrated between waxing appointments.

Finally, a broad spectrum, high factor sunscreen is especially important after waxing any exposed area of the body at this time of year. Freshly waxed skin is more sun-sensitive, bringing with it an increased risk of sunburn and hyper-pigmentation. Remind clients to avoid tanning for at least a couple of days after their appointment and to slather on the sunscreen whenever they venture outside.