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Are you eligible for a music license refund?

By Guest Writer | 06 July 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Music License

Kara Kotsonis, founder of the award-winning NailSquad Nail Bar in Deal, Kent, explains why businesses affected by Covid-19 could be eligible for a music license refund…

Kara Kotsonis

If you use, play, or listen to recorded music at your business or organisation, the chances are that you may need or already obtain a music license. If that’s the case, you may be eligible for a sizeable refund.

Newly partnered PPL PRS Ltd is the UK’s music licensing company and ensures that writers and performers are fairly rewarded for their talent in the form of royalties.

As many business owners will know, this annual music license fee can run into hundreds of pounds, even for smaller premises. However, PPL PRS Ltd is offering a refund to businesses affected by Covid-19 – an announcement that is certainly welcome. This refund isn’t government-backed and comes directly from PPL PRS Ltd.

Is your business eligible?
Any business with a valid music license that can prove they have been closed during he pandemic is eligible.

How do you claim?
If you’ve already paid your latest invoice for ‘The Music License’, when your license is next due for its review, PPL PRS Ltd will assess the impact of Covid-19 on your music usage and amend your account to credit or refund you for the period your business was closed.

If you haven’t yet paid your latest invoice, PPL PRS Ltd aims to follow the government guideline dates when closure was enforced and reopening allowed. These dates will show automatically as a credit on your invoice. PPL PRS Ltd invites you to get in contact if the period shown on your invoice is inaccurate for your specific business.

Other business support offered by PPL PRS Ltd at this time includes flexible payment schedules, deferring payments and suspending late fee charges.

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