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Back to work: How to care for your nail tools

By Scratch Staff | 24 June 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

Nail Tools

Scratch gathers guidelines from across the industry for what should be considered for when you & your clients set foot back into your business…

The government’s Keeping workers and clients safe during COVID-19 in close contact services guidelines state:

  • Further increasing the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning.
  • Using disposable items where possible, for example nail files, and ensuring non-disposable items are cleaned between clients.

Click here to read the Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) government guidelines.

The use of disposable single use tools and supplies is encouraged on the return to work. These should then be disposed of in an airtight bin, then in line with local council safe waste disposal.

“Investing in more single-use, disposable equipment, such as nail files, will also help reduce the risk of cross contamination, as well as investing in more sterilising equipment,” industry body BABTAC reveals. “If purchasing an autoclave, ensure it reaches the correct temperature to kill all viruses and bacteria.

“Non disposables must always be thoroughly cleaned, then sterilised after each client, ensuring contact for immersion is correct and sterilisation used is a suitable method. Use disposable towels if possible. If using non-disposable towels, they must be changed after every use and washed at a temperature of at least 60-degrees.”

“Glass bead sterilisers are not useful for salons,” adds industry scientist, Doug Schoon. “Experts in salon disinfection recommend full immersion of a pre-cleaned implement in a hospital level disinfectant, otherwise the device is still a potential risk for transmission of infectious organisms.”

The British Beauty Council & Marian Newman recommend:

  • All tools that can be cleaned and reused must be sterilised/disinfected (strictly following manufacturer instructions) using products that are tested to approved standards.
  • Clean tools and brushes need to be kept in a clean environment until use.
  • All used tools and brushes must be stored in a specially marked closed box until cleansing.
  • Autoclaves should be properly maintained according to manufacturer directions and spore tested once per month to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Brush handles are to be cleaned between clients and the outside of all containers are always to be kept clean.
  • UV gel brushes should be cleaned with IPA, whilst L&P brushes are to be cleaned with the liquid monomer and their handles with IPA.

Click here to read the Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) government guidelines.