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Beauty pros, here’s 6 tips to support a more positive mindset

By Guest Writer | 12 May 2024 | Expert Advice, Feature, Health & wellbeing

Positive Mindset

Sarah Hartley, social media coach at Blossom Tree Social & creator of Time To Blossom wellbeing products, shares her advice…

Sarah Hartley

Running a business and making time for yourself can feel like a juggle. It can also feel lonely, but you’re not alone – we all have bad days. Staying positive can help you to have more good days than bad. Try these tips to support a more positive mindset:

1. Set goals

Write down what you feel is important for your business, where you want to be and how you will get there. This helps you to focus on the important jobs that need to be done for your business to grow successfully. I have lots of digital downloads available on my website to help with this.

Bts 90 Day Success Plan

90-day Success Plan, available via

2. Set a work schedule

Plan times that you’re available to do work, including admin tasks like social media creation, bookkeeping, planning staff rotas and completing stock takes and orders. These jobs can feel overwhelming, but having a plan in place can help you keep calm and focus on yourself. Make sure to prioritise tasks: start with the most important or timely ones that will help you to achieve your goals. Remember to be realistic with your daily job list and kind to yourself.

3. Start a journal

I find that I can have a lot whizzing around in my head. For business owners, there is so much to do and remember. It’s very easy to compare yourself to others and have negative thoughts. I find writing in a journal helps, as getting what’s in my head onto paper can make me feel much calmer, particularly before bed. It is also a way to reflect on what is important to you and what you are thankful for.

Bts Positive Notebook Journal

Positive Notebook – Journal, available via

4. Do what makes you happy

Try to get into the habit of doing something that you enjoy every day. What makes you smile? What makes you feel happy? Even if it’s a 10-minute activity, do it daily. If your day is filled with jobs you hate or negative thoughts, it can really affect your mood and you can resent what you are doing. My habit tracker can help with this, as it reminds you to do things for yourself.

5. Look after yourself

You make clients feel amazing, but might forget to look after yourself. You can become tired and burned out, feel like you’ve lost inspiration and even resent your job. When planning time for work and admin, also plan time with loved ones and most importantly, you time. Make sure you eat healthy, exercise regularly and have some pampering time of your own. You deserve to feel amazing too!

6. Encourage and talk to others

Mindset matters. Remember, we all have good and bad days, so try to be there for others when they need it. Surrounding yourself with and talking to supportive, positive people can make all the difference to your mindset. Once you get into the habit of a positive mindset, you’ll notice you can focus more, sleep better, have healthier relationships and gain a good work-life balance.

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