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Behind the Brand: Explore why sanitiser company, Kindr, stands out

By Chloe Randall | 28 October 2021 | Brands, Feature

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dsc 2841Kate Thompson decided to create her own range of alcohol-free, Covid-19 effective sanitisers after suffering all her life with dry, sensitive skin.

“The start of the pandemic left my hands cracked and painful with the overuse of alcohol-based sanitisers. My youngest daughter also has sensitive skin and I had noticed a difference in both my children’s skin since they had been sanitising so regularly,” reveals Kate.

It was at this point that Kate started having discussions with chemical engineers who were already making alcohol and toxin free sanitising solutions, and during the development of Kindr, they received the official accreditation that the solution was also effective against Covid-19. It was at this point that the Kindr brand was born.

Ideal for sensitive skin and nails, the products can also be used to disinfect surfaces, including fabrics and electronics.

“Kindr’s sanitiser spray, Flairosol, uses patented technology to deliver a super fine mist similar to ‘fogging’ to disinfect large areas quickly, from door handles to nail bars, entire treatment areas can be sprayed and left for 30 seconds, without need to wipe away,” enthuses Kate.

The name Kindr was born from the brand’s ethos – to be kinder on people’s skin and in turn, be kinder to the environment and planet by making all its products refillable.

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“As a society we are far too quick to use single use plastic products for convenience, but we know we need to change our behaviour by making small yet significant adjustments in our routines to refill and reuse items instead of throwing them away.”

Since going live in October 2020, Kate’s products received positive and supportive feedback and she is looking forward to the future.

The next range of products to be available in the Kindr range include protective hand balms and refillable foaming liquid soaps.

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