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Behind The Brand: Get to know the names behind Dipt Nails

By Scratch Staff | 22 July 2020 | Brands, Feature


Dipt was born out of a desire to bring next generation nail technology using British chemistry to the market, while being mindful of developing a system that is kind to nails.

Karisma Ahir & Mica Pinczuk

Founded by Karisma Ahir, the idea for Dipt formed from a determination to meet her own nail needs as well as those of the wider nail market. “I am a qualified optician and a mum of two that has an interest in nails,” she explains. “I love all things nails and have always had a big interest in them, from painting them to going to the salon for a professional treatment.

“While at a business dinner in August 2017, a few people around the table had some interesting ideas about nails and the cosmetics industry in general. As the only female at the table and a keen consumer, I provided a different point of view. The discussions led me to thinking about how important our nails are for our confidence, and how they can offer a real feel-good factor.

“One thing led to another and I realised that I could create great products for the British nail industry.”

After forming relationships with chemists, salon owners and Mica Pinczuk, who boasts a vibrant history in the nail sector, Dipt was developed in the UK. “Many hours of product research, development and market research ensued until we were happy with the result,” Karisma explains. “The result is a brand developed by women for women – and of course, men are welcome too! All of our colours are named after women, places and values that inspire the Dipt team. We want to inspire all those that get ‘Dipt’ to be the best they can be!”

Karisma has designed the system to sit comfortably within the market as a product that offers the strength of acrylic and the high-gloss shine of a gel without a lamp. “It is also a very portable system for mobile techs, taking around the same amount of time as a gel polish treatment,” Karisma continues.

Boasting a lightweight, flexible and durable overlay, it is a fast treatment to apply and easy to remove, while also requiring minimal filing. “The soak off system doesn’t require any preps, bonders or primers, instead seeing an application of the Base resin, Dipt powder, Activator and Finish resin. There is also a Brush Softener, and Dipt tray.

“The system also sees the options of tip & overlay with clear or coloured powder, or over a natural nail overlay for lasting colour with added strength. The range is non-yellowing, too.

“Dipt is also odour free, cruelty free and vegan, as we all want to ensure we are protecting the environment while maintaining our ethics in the name of beauty.”

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