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Behind The Brand: Check out the Zephyros nail dust collector

By Chloe Randall | 03 April 2021 | Brands, Feature

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Scratch chats to Charles Kim, company CEO of SM about the Zephyros Nail Dust collector and the benefits it can bring to your nail space..

Korean-based company, SM was established in 2011 as a professional developer and manufacturer, specialising in beauty-related articles.

After witnessing the expansion of the nail market, the company decided to develop the Zephyros range of nail dust collectors.

So what does the Zephyros name mean?

“It is a god in Greek mythology that governs the wind blowing from the west,” comments Charles Kim, company CEO. “The Zephyros nail dust collector boasts a powerful downdraught and uses a disposable filter for a single use.”

Since the launch, the product has become a popular item with nail technicians across the globe, leading to the company exporting their goods to countries including Japan, UK, USA, Taiwan, Netherlands, and New Zealand.

“Without dust collection, chemical micro dust is inhaled by nail technicians into the respiratory tract. However, the disposable filter method that Zephyros uses protects the lungs of nail technicians,” reveals Charles.

As a company, it believes that  the health of technicians and customers should be prioritised, and is proud to the health of both parties.

“We use tested and certified filter, verifying blocking functionality of 99.9% of fine dust as well as 99.8% of bacteria,” adds Charles.

While some filter methods require a shake off and reuse concept, Zephyros’ single use filter means it can prevent blocks and the need to shake away dust. The filter is placed on the outside of the grate which can be folded immediately after use and discarded.

Available in four colour finishes; gold, silver, grey and pink, the Zephyros Nail Dust Collector is easy to use, light and with powerful suction. Its compact size means it can be easily stored and its design is comfortable for both techs and clients.

The exterior is stainless steel and easy to clean, and noise reduction has been implemented within the design. The large surface area of the grate means that a tech can move the hand as desired during a nail enhancement surface without restriction from the dust capture area. Output can be controlled to suit the needs of the nail service.

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