Chloe Randall

Behind the Brand: Meet the boss of Gloss Beauty Treatments

By Chloe Randall | 02 July 2021 | Brands, Feature

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Launched in February 2020, Ciaran Adam found herself using a lot of wax melts which were based on designer fragrances, and wondered if this concept could be translated into cuticle oil. After a lot of research and planning, the brand was born.

Gloss Beauty Treatments offers a range of cuticle oils with designer-based fragrances as well as fruity scents and some of Ciaran’s favourites.

The brand has also created a hand balm, body oil, beard oil and most recently, a hand lotion.

“The aim is to bring a new line of luxury, handmade, fragranced products to the beauty industry. In particularly to retail in salons, nail bars and home salons,” revealed Ciaran.

Despite having a great reception after the launch, Ciaran still faced her challenges, particularly the Covid-19 pandemic. “It has been difficult at times trying to evolve a brand whilst juggling home life. Gloves are the norm now where previously I wouldn’t have worn them,” revealed Ciaran.

“I have invested a lot of time into social media, which I was very new to at the beginning. However, I am getting there in terms of using it for the business tool that it is.”

For Ciaran, having her own brand is a dream come true as she gets to produce products that people love.

“It gives me my own identity too when motherhood is all consuming.”

As for the future, Ciaran would love to continue to creating new fragrances and product lines.

“I would also love to make my products available worldwide. I have already made the first step towards this with recently securing Elaine Williamson as the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand. I am beyond excited about this development!” revealed Ciaran.

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