Chloe Randall

Behind the Brand: Meet the duo behind Get Buffed Pro

By Chloe Randall | 16 March 2021 | Brands, Feature

Get Buffed Pro

Founded in 2019 by nail pro duo Sarah Elmaz and Cathy Burge, Get Buffed Pro was born after they had both been working in the industry for more than 15 years. As nail professionals themselves and using tools every day, they saw a gap in the market for nail art brushes.

The range offers specialised handmade, vegan nail art brushes that are ergonomically and functionally designed for nail techs. Get Buffed Pro also have a range of Drill Bits to suit every level of technician as well as a range of chrome art powders.

“We wanted to create a quality, handmade, vegan range of nail art brushes that nail techs felt were comfortable and ergonomically easy to use. Importantly, we wanted a tech to have the confidence to make a start with nail art, which a lot of techs find so daunting. Our feedback so far is that the brushes are easier to use and techs are now creating art they felt they may not have done in the past” commented Cathy.

The pair have finessed the design of their brushes over the past two years with a lot of thought, time and experimenting going into creating the brushes in their best form, as well as their insistence on having a high quality, handmade, vegan brush.

“It has been a bit of a trial finding a manufacturer who we felt was on the same page as us with regard to the quality of the vegan hairs and the design of the brush. What we felt was important to us from a functionality point of view was not what a lot of manufacturers understood. It has taken us some time to find the right manufacturer in that sense” revealed Cathy.

Despite their issues with finding a manufacturer, the duo are now really proud of their range. “The pink/red ombré brush casing just looks delicious! As each brush is a slightly different colour the idea was that it would make the brush you wanted easily identifiable. There is also a magnet in the end of the brush which lends to quick and easy table tidying. One of the most important factors for me was making the brush light, so it didn’t feel heavy in your hand after spending time doing long intricate nail art”, commented Sarah.

Sarah and Cathy plan to grow the business with other quality nail related products as time goes on, focusing on the quality, function and form of a product. The pair are also extremely interested in being a company that is there to support nail techs in any way can, importantly at times, beyond the products.