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Behind The Brand: Meet the founder of NaileDecal

By Chloe Randall | 06 March 2021 | Brands, Feature

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Loretta Walker

After training with OPI, running her own salon for 6 years and being an OPI Educator, Loretta Walker decided to create her own product range in December 2020 called NaileDecal.

NaileDecal offers waterslide nail art decals. There are various designs available with new designs being produced each month and collections are launched for occasions such as Valentines and Easter.

“Nail decals have always been popular with my clients and whilst researching the production process, I fell in love with the creativity of them and they had a very personal touch” revealed Loretta.

The decals are designed for beginners and experienced nail techs. The beginners can start to dip their toe in nail art, offering these decals to clients and building their confidence. Whilst experienced nail techs can use them and inspire others, while also seeing the different techniques used from each other.

Loretta founded the brand after the global pandemic meant her salon had to close, meaning she had no income. “Lockdown has had a huge financial effect for me, my income comes from my salon and education. Even though I’ve had many ideas for a new nail product in the past, due to time constraints and salon life, my ideas have never materialised. Creating NaileDecal during November’s lockdown provided me with an income whilst my salon was closed, it really scared me not having an income and lockdown has pushed me to build another dream” commented Loretta.

Since launching late last year, Loretta has had so much positive feedback about the range from nail techs worldwide.

“Everyone has commented on the unique designs and how easy they are to use. Some of the nail techs that sampled the products loved them so much they are now brand ambassadors” smiled Loretta.

Covid-19 also meant that the launch of NaileDecal was changed slightly, but it has worked out for the best. “I have taken a positive approach and changed the way I launched by inviting brand ambassadors to showcase the products. During January, I contacted some amazing nail techs that I follow on social media to ask them to sample my products. This has been fantastic for Nailedecal as we now have brand ambassadors, which helps to reach a wider audience and get more inspiration for nail designs” revealed Loretta.

“My original launch was going to be more in house using the great nail techs I have working in my salon and my clients to showcase the designs. I believe Covid-19 has pushed my new business in another direction, this was probably something I wouldn’t have done at the start but I definitely will in the future.”

In terms of the brand’s future, Loretta would love to sell other products within the brand such as the accessories needed to work with nail decals. Over the year of 2021, NaileDecal hopes to establish a strong customer base with maybe offering different nail art products in the long-term future.

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