Chloe Randall

Behind the Brand: Meet Zee Broomhall, founder of Eco Salon Supplies

By Chloe Randall | 21 April 2021 | Brands, Feature, Sustainability & the environment

Eco Salon Supplies

After running her own home salon for 5 years, Zee Broomhall decided to create her own product range after trying to find more sustainable options for her own business.

“When aiming to be more sustainable in my own salon I came across many barriers. I couldn’t get all the alternatives I wanted from one supplier and the costs were mounting up. A few years ago, I had the idea to create a brand that could help supply and inspire people but I didn’t make it a reality until last year,” revealed Zee.

Eco Salon Supplies offer products that are a more eco friendly material, and are either reusable or are a quality product that will last. The brand recently launched a subscription service, which will supply them with their eco friendly alternatives every 3 months on a recurring basis. The boxes are matched to their salon type and the size of the box is based on an average amount of clients per week.

“Our ethos is to provide salons with sustainable alternatives. We want to inspire professionals in the industry to make better choices and break down stereotypes surrounding eco salons,” commented Zee.

“We ensure our brand is as sustainable as possible and hopefully we pass that ethos onto our customers. We don’t want our customers to compromise on their quality or high standard.”

Since launching in November 2020, the reaction from the industry has been amazing, leading the company to extend their product range, launch their subscription boxes and start a podcast, “REAL Salon Sustainability- Eco Salon Supplies.”

“Our biggest challenge has been stock, to enable us to start the business we kept our stock levels low and with a bigger demand than anticipated, we have been constantly ordering and adjusting our amounts of stock held. We have had the challenge of choosing suppliers and brands that match our ethos and although a challenge, that part is exciting when we find a brand with the same values,” added Zee.

Zee wanted the packaging to reflect the ethos, simplistic and minimal. “We ensure all parcels are sent plastic free and use sustainably sourced cardboard and recycled paper. We also reuse our own packaging that we receive our stock in,” stated Zee.

In the future, Eco Salon Supplies plan to keep growing, extend their ranges to stock even more eco brands and they have recently launched a nail salon product range.

“Our long term goal is to put sustainability into beauty industry education,” stated Zee.

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