Britney Tokyo reveals summer’s hottest nail art trend

By Sophie Nutt | 19 June 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

Britney Tokyo

LA-based celebrity manicurist & Scratch columnist for 2020, Britney Tokyo, reveals this summer’s most in-demand nail art trend…

I’m going to let you in on a juicy nail art trend that’s a real mood-booster and is set to be huge this summer: fruity nails! Although this isn’t a new trend, it affords feel-good designs that can brighten up the nails of

Britney Tokyo

clients when they can book our services post-lockdown.

Nails are in our direct vision day-in, day-out, and can give a confidence boost without knowing. I think long enhancements can make clients feel more feminine, while nail art can exude a bold, spirited feeling. When a client’s nails are decorated with cute designs, their mood and confidence is boosted just by having the art in their constant view.

I highly recommend creating a fruity patterned design with colourful tones for the summer season. I’m sure you have seen these all over social media recently. Make fingertips look juicy by using vibrant vitamin-dosed colours, such as saffron orange, sunlight yellow, scarlet red, coral pink, greens, blues and grape purple.

Fruity nail art is a design that singer, Harry Styles, rocked a few months ago. This theme not only looks great on women but also on daring male clients. It can work really well on shorter nails as well as on long enhancements, bringing a pop of colour to any outfit. I think we may even see couples rocking matching fruity nails this summer!

Get creative and practice hand painting cherries, strawberries, lemons, oranges and more. If detailed art isn’t your thing, purchase some fun nail art stickers to apply over tips. I also think this style of are looks really cute over translucent ‘jelly’ style nails, chequered designs or ombré effects – the brighter, the better!

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