Brushing up hard gel nail skills with Cuccio

By Kat Hill | 29 October 2019 | Feature, Training

Cuccio Hard Gel

Yesterday I hopped on a train to Nottingham to attend a seminar focusing on Cuccio’s extensive range of hard gel products. Held at The Nottingham Belfry Hotel, around 25 nail pros were in attendance with members of Cuccio’s UK education team on hand to answer any questions. The workshop was hosted by Liz Richards, head of education for Cuccio Europe, with Elite educator, Nina Subasic, stationed behind the demo desk.

“We’ve invited some of our salon customers, both new and existing to our gel workshop,” explained Liz.

“We have a fantastic range of gels but there are so many products in the range that we wanted to get everyone together to go through different application techniques.

“We want to show professionals how quick and easy the ranges are to use, as well as how timesaving they are at the nail desk.”

After a welcome presentation from Liz, the morning kicked off with the first demonstration. Nina showed the attendees how speedy sculpting salon nails can be with the T3 LED/UV Controlled Levelling Hard Gel range. Thanks to its extra thick consistency, the product stays put and allows the pro to sculpt with ease. Nina created a Ballerina shape and demonstrated filing techniques, while Liz was stood to attention beside her ready to explain each step and answer any questions from the floor.

Next, it was the turn of the techs, as they all tried out the techniques working on their own hands while the education team circled the room ready to help.

With everyone keen for more, the attendees were tasked with creating both a Forward and Reverse Pink and White nail using the T3 range and High C Curve Definition Tips. Nina showed the pros how to create crisp smile lines using a string technique with white gel from the range. Once the nail was complete, the correct file map for the shape was demonstrated and explained by Nina.

After a lunch break of sumptuous food from the hotel restaurant, the seminar recommenced. Before it was back to work, it was time to test the attendee’s knowledge with a quick quiz. With products up for grabs, Liz’s question was quickly answered, and the prize claimed.

The afternoon passed quickly with a mixture of demonstrations and practical tasks. The room buzzed as one of the final tasks of the day included T3 LED/UV Sparkle Gel. The attendees created a glitzy stiletto nails using Vamp Tips to create striking statement looks. Cuccio’s T3 LED/UV Self Levelling Versatility Gel was used to build-up the nail, giving techs the chance to try out a different consistency from the brand’s extensive range. The room then filed their nails together, allowing the education team to walk around and assess each tech’s filing technique in order to offer advice individually.

The seminar started to wind down but before it was time to go, Liz revealed two brand new products: Base by Cuccio & LED/UV Brush-On Builder. The new base coat helps offer a quicker removal time, as well as creating a stronger and smooth surface for colour coats. The Brush-On Builder can be used to add durability to the natural nail, as well as used to create short, soak-off extensions with tips or by sculpting. Both were passed around the room as the attendees were keen to see the two new products up close.

The seminar came to a close with the pros receiving a certificate of participation as a reward for their hard work. A shop had also been set up at the back of the room ready for the attendees to claim an exclusive, whopping 50% off products, giving the pros a chance to take home the gels they had sampled during the day.

“We want to encourage our professionals to push themselves, learn something new and improve on their skills,” smiled Liz. “We want them to leave feeling absolutely great about the whole of our product range.”

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