Buying into a brand with confidence

By Kat Hill | 20 April 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

Ink Summer Dayz

Considering switching brands or adding to your product line up? Angie Gunter, head of education at INK London, shares some areas to consider…

“Your chosen brand should offer genuine products that offer longevity and are kind to the natural nail. It should keep up to date with current trends, not just with colours but products too. A brand should be able to listen to its customers and make changes from that feedback.

“Also consider stock. Are they likely to have products regularly out of stock for long periods of time? Does the brand sell everything you need? Do they supply a specific lamp? Do they supply the cuticle tools, brushes and other items needed by a pro?

“On-going support should be available for a brand’s product range. A customer service number and email address for the distributor or manufacturer should be easy to find on the brand’s website to help with any technical support.”

“All courses offered should be fully accredited by an industry governing body, such as The Guild and ABT for example. If techs are not sure if the courses on offer are accredited, they should be able to check this directly with the mentioned governing bodies through their accreditation teams.”

“You ideally want to avoid choosing a brand which is readily available to the non-professionals. These can have a financial impact on your business. You want your clients to know that the products you use are genuine and can’t be bought by just anyone. Professional nail technicians have invested lots of time and money into their training and products so that we can offer the best possible service to our clients.

“Check the brand has a strong professional vision, with a history of product development that adapts to changes. You are looking for confidence from your brand. We deserve the respect and reputation that only a professional brand can help us achieve.”

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