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Calling all nail professionals: Doug Schoon answers the Q: Does a universal monomer exist?

By Alex Fox | 12 April 2021 | Feature, Training

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Does a universal monomer exist? Can I use any brand of ‘acrylic’ liquid & powder?

Doug Schoon, in his capacity as expert on The NailKnowledge education team, offers a short, concise video that highlights the issues with mixing systems.

In his section called – Too embarrassed to ask? – Doug makes it clear using scientific evidence to back up his theory, that mixing systems is an absolute no-no and there is no universal monomer that can be switched between systems.

Don’t sit and wonder why? Watch the three-minute video below by Doug, as it explains in full why systems must never be mixed, then sign up for a free lesson with NailKnowledge.

Doug Schoon of Schoon Scientific notes, “The initiator in the powder and the catalyst in the liquid are formulated to work together. The initiator (usually benzoyl peroxide) is at 1-2%. A tiny change in this % will alter the polymerisation.

“Too little initiator, e.g 0.1-2% less, may not be enough to polymerise all the monomer liquid. Too much, again as little as 0.1-2% more, will create a faster polymerisation that can leave monomers trapped within the overlay.

“The L&P system is a very sophisticated chemical formulation that needs respect. All these details show that there is no such thing as a universal polymer powder NOR a universal monomer liquid.”

What is Nail Knowledge?

It’s an innovative educational programme presenting fact-based information for the nail industry professional. Much of what is being taught is misinformation from the past and many are teaching with misinformed opinions.

In Nail Knowledge Marian Newman has set a new bar for nail education. If you want to get the facts, this nail course presents them in a very interesting way and with really spectacular visuals.

Marian Newman delivering her expertise on the Nail Knowledge education platform

Brought to industry by Kevin Nicholls, Marian Newman, Doug Schoon and Vitaly Solomonoff, this team believes, “Every nail educator should take this course. It’s not just for beginners. The future has arrived! This is the cutting edge of nail technology education.”

Doug Schoon of Schoon Scientific

Vitaly Solomonoff asserts, “This educational course is a project that’s been inspired by two excellent and passionate people. This entire project is not only a great set of educational videos, but an exceptional educational course for all levels of nail pro from beginners to educators, with genuine educational help that describes and explains all aspects and details of the tiniest nail structures and processes. This is the first and only educational course in the world that shows what is going on with every and each cell within the nail unit. The amazing animations are accompanied with comprehensive explanations by the exceptionally artistic Marian Newman and her magic voice.”

Scientist & industry expert, Vitaly Solomonoff

Not an accredited course, NailKnowledge is a support tool as Kevin confirms, “Regulated and unregulated (accredited) courses are qualifications. NailKnowledge is a support or learning resource for a qualification. It’s knowledge and understanding and does not include any practical nor application skills that are needed for any qualification in the professional nail industry. On completion a diploma is issued, which states clearly what has been achieved with topics that follow the National Occupational Standards.”