Why collaboration is key in the nail industry

By Sophie Nutt | 12 July 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature, Technique, Training

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Tracey Lee, international nail artist & educator, reveals how Beauty2trs is celebrating it’s first birthday with a ‘birthday bash’ online class…

How awesome it was to celebrate the first year of Beauty2trs with a class that epitomises the idea behind the platform – collaboration! When Beauty2trs started, the idea was to find inspirational educators and ambassadors from about the world and bring them into the comfort of the nail professional’s home.

Tracey Lee

For it’s first birthday, Beauty2trs launched a ‘birthday bash’ class – a collaboration from eight different educators in one class. Each one of the educators were asked to contribute something to the class: a demo, a new technique, a titbit of information – it was up to them to decide what they would bring to the collaboration.

With these creative minds, it was not long before they came up with a jam-packed class, each one offering something different, their own unique style and individual personality to the class.

Here is a look into what the class has to offer:

  • Catherine Wong: Shell we dance – gel polish shell design
  • Rilana De Valk: Gemstone medallion
  • Mirjam Van Galen: Cartoon decal design
  • Dorota Palicka; Sugaring, ombre, one stroke
  • Izabela Visser: Floral art gel designs
  • Tracey Lee: one stroke/hand painted beach design
  • Tracy Shelverton: Hygiene in the salon
  • Susan Strijbosch: Instagram tip

In total, the class sees six step-by-step videos, one hygiene information video and one PDF download with a tip for Instagram.

The collaboration class covers various aspects of nails from theory to practical, to social, and it is for this reason that it is called ‘All Things Nails’. You can view the class here.

To get an idea about the content of the class, please feel free to take a look on the website and check out our ‘play before you pay’ preview videos on each class to see what’s in store for you!

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