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Comp Crazy & Courageous the Life of Loi

By Alex Fox | 28 October 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk


The story & nail path of the UK’s nail artist Loi van Nguyen in 2020…as told to Alex Fox

Loi van Nguyen – Sheffield

A prolific, passionate and highly talented nail artist from Vietnam, meet Loi van Nguyen.

Living now for 14 years in Sheffield, Loi prides himself on his relationship with nail craft and design. “When lockdown for Covid 19 happened, I had to close up my nail shop, but I didn’t waste my time sitting at home,” reveals Loi. “I refused to lose my passion for nail design, so I made it my mission to enter all the international online nail competitions I could find. This activity gave me focus and a creative outlet while also much success, as I began to win or place in many of the competitions.”

I always practice on my own hand during any free time I have.” Loi van Nguyen

The first competition Loi entered was the International Championship Dubai 24-25 February 2020 : Loi took first place in the Nails Artist (master) category.

Then Loi entered the International Charity Festival 8-9 May 2020. He placed third in Nails Fantasy (master) category.

Next Loi registered for the International Brlliant Cup Rumani 20 August 2020. He took first place in Nails Fantasy (master) and first place in Nails Floristic (master).

His fourth was the World Championship Egypt 2-7 September 2020. Loi took first place Nails Fantasy (VIP); first place Nails Creative Modelling (VIP) and first place One Nail Full Fantasy Look (VIP).

Loi moved onto the Golden Hands of the World Russia 9 September 2020. He placed first place in Nails Fantasy (VIP); first place Nails Floristic (VIP); first place in One Nail Full Fantasy Look (VIP) and the Grand Prix Winner of the online event.

His sixth competition was the International Championship Vienna, Austria 12-13 September 2020. He took first place in Nails Fantasy (VIP) and first place in Nails Floristic (VIP).

For Loi, the seventh contest he entered, the International Championship Donetsk – Russia 22-23 September 2020. This competition afforded a first place in Nails Fantasy (master) as well as second place in Nails Fantasy (master); a second place in One Nail Full Fantasy Look (master) with a third place in the Nails Creative Modelling (master).

Loi’s eighth nail registration took him into International Championship Russia 27 September 2020. He walked away with a first place in Nails Fantasy (premium); first place in Nails Floristic (premium) and first place in One Nail Full Fantasy Look (premium).

Still keen to compete, Loi took his ninth nail expedition to the Golden Brush Championship Ukraine 28-29 September 2020. Here Loi took second place in Nails Fantasy (master); second place in Nails Floristic (master), third place in Nails Fantasy (master) and third place in Nails Creative Modelling.

“I’m now waiting for the Nails League Competition Spain 31 October 2020, the International Championship Gothic World Russia 31 October 2020 and I’ve just registered for Nailympia Online,” reveals Loi. “And I intend to keep going.”

Meet: Loi van Nguyen

Location: Sheffield, UK

Salon name: NAILS FOR YOU by Loi & Co (Nails For You UK Ltd )
Years in nails: Over 10 years
Trained: June 2007 Registered at training centre assessors, Birmingham, November 2011 trained at Phoenix Academy, Birmingham, June 2014 trained Level 2 at The London Institute of cosmetology; October 2019 trained in new design-model shape at the UK Nail & Beauty Academy Manchester with Magnetic Nail Design, February 2020 trained to become Nails trainer at UK Nail & Beauty Academy Manchester – Magnetic Nails Design. March to October 2020 completing training as Educator at UK Nail & Beauty Academy Manchester – in Quality Assurance Training & Consultancy.
Fav product: L&P acrylic and gel builder.
Fav nails style: Long nails; the stiletto shape incorporating themes mixed with the changing of the seasons.
Fav technique: Working with 3D art to bring my designs to life.
Career vision: To build my own brand name and pass on my knowledge.
Inspiration: Everything in my life and everything I feel.
My goal: To open a nail & beauty academy in Vietnam incorporating recognised standards & qualifications.
My nail flavour: At university in Vietnam I became a qualified architect. I then moved to live in England, however, my new life didn’t allow me to continue in the field of architecture, so I worked and trained in a few nail salons as I couldn’t curb my passion for design. I focused all my dreams on every nail design I created. I always chose my own path, a different way. I deliberately chose to not watch anyone in the industry as I didn’t want to copy anyone’s style, I wanted to create my own individual styles. I just want to be myself, with all my nails design expressing my signature style – ‘Nail Design by Loi’.
My motivation: Nail competitions. I have started entering everything I can find. Competitions give me the chance to indulge my passion for nail design.