Coronavirus: ‘Creating press-on nails saved my salon’

By Kat Hill | 04 May 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Lizi Cornwell Press On Nails

Lizi Cornwell shares how creating press-on nails has kept both her business and passion for nails alive in lockdown…

“I started making press-on nails last year at home as an extra to the salon I own, Queen’s Salon in Essex.

“The idea was to retail them as a lot of my following do not live close by but really wanted some of my designs.

“When I first started, I made mistakes but finally I came up with my own way of producing high quality press-on nails.

“When I was forced to closed, I felt like the world had ended. My salon was my whole life; I had worked my way up from my dining room to a salon and qualified as an educator. Now I was back in my lounge, surrounded with my kit like so many others.

“It took me a while to even look at my kit but I’d packed my press-on kit so I got up and got started one morning.

“I popped an advertisement on my pages and a local selling site and next I had over 50 messages! I have now made over 150 sets and I’ve taken back on my staff to make them alongside me.

“I’m so excited to have found a way to keep on working in lockdown, as well as a way to teach others and help them. I found it has opened doors to clients in a way I never expected, and I’m looking forward to meeting them in person soon.

“I run a masterclass in the production of press-on nails so others can start to earn money again and really give them a boost. I give them ongoing support, too.”

My top tips…

“Spark interest and get your page back running with photos of your best work. Purchase your materials online so you can be ready to start. Also use your pro kit and make sure your work is of a high, salon standard.

I’d recommend creating some samples and start advertising. Get an order book ready to note and track the orders.

“You could also consider taking a class in making press-on nails to get all the information, hints, tips and tricks.


My process

“First, you will need a nail stand. Get the client to measure their nail with a tab of sticky tape, side wall to side wall, they should measure the marks so you have an accurate size guide.

“Use a full cover press-on tips in various shapes and sizes, and create your design. You can use crystals, decals or nail art at the request of your clients.

“Make sure to keep your design thin and neat. Don’t forget to top coat.

“Secure the nails in a long box using double sided tape. Pop the box into a protective envelope, include adhesive, file and alcohol wipe, along with application instructions.

“I’d also recommend sending the nails via the Signed For 1st class service.

“I really think it’s saved my salon, my mental health and saved me from loosing my passion for nails!”

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