COURSE BITES: Lecenté Perfecting Powders

By Kat Hill | 15 March 2018 | Feature, Training

Lecente Perfct Powder

Course Details: “This class has been designed to focus almost entirely on powder application,” reveals Maria Cientanni, director at Lecenté. “This includes our Chrome, Neon Powders and Stardust products and our Layer It!

“There is a focus on chrome and neon powder application, along with the chroming technique with Stardust and stamping with chrome.

“The class will see a lot of application guidance and troubleshooting with our experienced educators, followed by exciting techniques and designs to take your powder skills to the next level.”

Duration: One day

Location: Nationwide, on various dates. Head over to for a full list of dates and locations

Requirements: Students will need to provide certification for a gel manicure qualification. “For the Perfecting Powders class, kit is supplied but we recommend bringing a stamping plate kit and Lecenté Rainbow Powder.”

Contact: Technicians can book on to the course with their local Lecenté educator via UK distributor, Sweet Squared. Call 0333 000 7000 or head over to