COURSE BITES: The Nail Creation Liquid and Powder course, with Aphrodite Nail Systems

By Kat Hill | 03 August 2017 | Feature, Training

A4030 Platinum Powder Light Pink 20gm

Course Details: The Nail Creation Liquid and Powder course is designed to develop application skill and teach preparation and finishing techniques.

The course is a 5-day course, run over two separate sessions, allowing the learner to learn the basics  to practice. On return, educators will aid with any issues you have and continue with training and the development of skills. The course will be completed with a final practical and written assessment. Successfully completion of the course, along with the required case studies, will see the issuing of the attendee’s diploma.

Topics covered include: health and safety, nail anatomy, nail and skin diseases and disorders, tip application, sculpting technique, product application, filing and finishing techniques, rebalancing and maintenance, enhancement removal along with professionalism and client base building.

Duration: 5-day course, run over two separate sessions

Location: Contact Aphrodite Nail Systems for more information

Requirements:  Salon uniform must be worn. Students must have nails free from enhancement as students will practice on each other. A passport sized photograph is required for formal ID required. Students will be required to bring model for practical assessment.