Creating photographic magic with Ivana Prokic

By Kat Hill | 21 January 2019 | Expert Advice, Feature

Ivana Prokic

“Winning still feels like a dream,” smiles Ivana. “It’s fantastic, overwhelming, unreal and I feel so happy. I’m so proud of our team and work! This was our first photographic competition, and there were so many other beautiful entries. Even though I love our picture I totally didn’t see it coming.

“We wanted to create a romantic shot. An image that is classy and sophisticated, with a nail design that is a part of the whole picture and blends everything together. We wanted everything to be in balance and create a fashionable photo that could be a front cover.

“My photographer, Ilona van Barschot Teunissen, of Ilona Teunissen Fotografie, showed me some ideas that she had and It was very easy to decide what we wanted since we have a similar taste. The first time I met Ilona I asked her if she wanted to work together for a competition with me. I’m such a big fan of her work and thankfully she agreed! I found the information for The Great Scratch Shoot Out and we went from there.

“On first glance, the nails aren’t instantly attention grabbing, but if you look closer they’re eye-catching. Combined with the lips and the magical blue eyes of the model, the overall effect is ‘wow’. It commands your immediate attention, but when you look closer there are beautiful details. I think the image conveys mystery; the elegance of the picture and the eyes from the model make it a bit mysterious.

“I would recommend any professional to enter The Great Scratch Shoot Out. Find a team and create magic together. Teamwork is the key to your success.”

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