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Dancing On Ice: Nail Designs – Week 5

By Guest Writer | 05 February 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk, Training

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Hey Scratch readers!

This week, fairytale week has returned and it’s a favourite of mine. We didn’t have as many manicures to prepare this week due to sickness but we were still there to create dramatic nail art for different characters.

Here is a couple of my personal favourite looks from this week…

Vanessa Bauer (professional skater):
Perri Kiely was a gargoyle and Vanessa was a beauty in white this week. I felt a white or gold glitter manicure would be too harsh for this soft, beautiful look so opted for my go-to shade of The Gel Bottle Inc in Diana to create a pearl opal effect. To do this, I used GelPot as my base and, once refined, I went in with two very thin coats of Diana. I then went onto apply the 3D White ‘y’ and ‘x’ shapes, not even and not the same finger. With a clean dry brush I used it to smudge out the lines, making them blur into the Diana. I cured and then applied Daily Charm Unicorn Flakes into sections, avoiding the white lines created. You just need to tap these on – they’re so easy to use. Apply another very thin layer of Diana, cure and then add a layer of Blooming Gel. Do not cure and add the 3D White by drawing over the original line to make it more defined. Finish with the Extreme Shine Top Coat. Even though it takes some time and a fair few layers, it’s so beautiful and something I love doing in a variety of shades. Give it a try at home and feel free to tag me in your pictures!

Maura Higgins (celebrity):
The ‘shewolf’! This transformation was incredible – so much time and effort went into her hair, make-up and outfit to bring it to life. It’s only right to give a huge shout out to Marcos Gurgel for the make-up and Anna Winterburn for making her amazing week. For this look I changed the shape of Maura’s nails and opted for short points. I made a custom shade as I didn’t want to use a basic black, as this would clash with her brown and gold costume but also felt a chocolate shade would have been too light. I mixed The Gel Bottle Inc in Jet Black and Chocolate to create a super deep brown, which worked perfectly with gold flakes applied down the side of each nail to give the illusion of a longer, pointier nail (like claws).

Here is a breakdown of the rest of the cast’s nail looks:

  • Lisa George: Clear Rubber Base, GelPot, gel polish shade in Vegas and Extreme Shine Top Coat
  • Brianne Delcourt (nails by Fran @brentwoodnails): Clear Rubber Base, gel polish shade in Amethyst, World of Glitter in Oslo and Extreme Shine Top Coat
  • Alex Murphy: Clear Rubber Base, GelPot, gel polish shade in Sonia, World of Glitter in Birmingham and Extreme Shine Top Coat
  • Carlotta Edwards (created by Fran @brentwoodnails): Clear Rubber Base, GelPot, gel polish shade in Hollywood Star, World of Glitter in Oslo and Extreme Shine Top Coat

Once again I used my Zephros dust collector from Tag Products to reduce dust levels.

Thank you for tuning in and I will see you back here next week! Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram (@nails_by_mads) for more behind the scenes snaps!