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Deposit payments: Awkward or necessary for beauty businesses?

By Guest Writer | 08 February 2021 | Business, Feature

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The Beauty Bloggers, aka Natalie Thompson & Rachel Jenkinson, share their views on taking payment deposits for beauty treatments..

Nat and Rach are ‘The Beauty Bloggers‘ and have over 21 years experience in the beauty sector between them.

Their aim is to discuss real issues that beauty professionals face.

Passionate and hard-working, the duo describe themselves as ‘down to earth’ and want to create a fun and safe space for pros to support one another.

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Asking clients – whether new or existing – for a deposit for a beauty treatment can be awkward for many therapists. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and impact on businesses, many can’t afford to lose money from no-shows, but worry about offending clients if asking for a deposit.

A number of  beauty businesses have terms and conditions in place regarding no-shows or rearranged treatments, but it’s imperative that they’re not seen by clients as empty threats. The pandemic has made us all re-evaluate our work/life balance, so some may worry about losing business by taking a deposit; but clients need to appreciate our worth.

When appointments are rearranged, whether its due to the current climate or due to the client’s own change of circumstances, would you still feel comfortable to retain the deposit? If a client challenged you to return a deposit, would you cave in, is it worth the hassle and worry of your reputation or can you come to a mutual agreement? Social media makes an easy platform for clients to engage in negative criticism, so evaluate whether that will impact your business, or whether it’s easier to remove that client to the back of your appointment list and carry on regardless.

Be professional and keep your clients informed of your T&C’s from the moment you take the deposit, and hopefully this negates the need for any uncomfortable conversations or clients not valuing your time.

Most clients are happy to leave a deposit, let it be your preference how to conduct your business that suits you and your client base. If you like to introduce a deposit scheme, it may be worth speaking to other professionals or seeking legal advice to assist in writing your T&C’s.

Know your worth and value your time as a professional tech!

The Beauty Bloggers