Dip into a new system

By Kat Hill | 13 June 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Thinking of dipping your toe into a new service? Jody Rogers, INK London educator for Wales, reveals some reasons to consider adding a dipping system to your treatment menu…

“The acrylic dipping system is one of the latest ‘trends’ to hit the nail industry,” explains Joby. “However, this system isn’t completely new and is more of a reformed system.

“The dipping service may not be a new technique to some tech’s, but to many clients it will be! The thinness and lightweight properties of the dipping system will be massively popular with some clients. The low maintenance factor may also attract some new clients too.

“Traditionally, the system involved applying a resin to the nail, and ‘dipping’ the nail into a clear powder to create strength. The new updated, and in my opinion, improved system now integrates the strength of acrylic with the colour and look of a gel polish.

“Each and every one of INK London’s Acrylink powders are suitable for the ADS Dipping System or the traditional liquid and powder application. This means the startup cost for the dipping service is low.

“The ideal client for the ADS dipping system would be a client who generally needs more strength than a gel polish manicure can provide. It is a perfect introduction to enhancements, so for a client who isn’t ready to commit to the maintenance or time that a traditional liquid and powder system requires.There is definitely a place on every price list for this service!”

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