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Discover Keysie: The tool that saves nails from snapping when opening cans

By Chloe Randall | 17 April 2023 | Brands, Feature

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When a client leaves the salon with a fresh mani, you may be crossing your fingers in hope that they remember that their nails are jewels, not tools.

Everyday tasks such as opening boxes and cans, scraping off blu-tac or taking keys off keyrings can wreak havoc on natural nails and enhancements – so the Keysie has launched to save nails from snapping – and it’s a super handy retail item for salons.

What is a Keysie?

The Keysie, which can clip onto a keyring, is a tool that can be used to save fingernails from jobs that may prove damaging, such as:

  • Opening cans
  • Opening parcels
  • Lifting picture frame flaps
  • Finding the end of a roll of tape
  • Opening keyrings
  • Peeling off stickers
  • Piercing open plastic film on products/packaging
  • Trolley token


Further research and development has seen the Keysie evolve to include space for branding, so salons and techs can add their logo onto the product and use personally or retail to clients. When your client is at the till post-appointment, there’s never a better time to offer them the handy, low-cost tool that can ‘save’ their perfect nail finish.

There are three Keysie options available, each with a minimum order of 50, which are as follows: 

  1. Coloured Keysie – a choice of four plain colours of a mixture.

Purchase price: 85p | RRP: £1.25 | Profit: 40p

2. Patterned Keysie – a mix of four different patterns

Purchase price: 85p | RRP: £2 | Profit: 65p

3. Branded Keysie – a choice of three colours with custom logo.

Purchase price: £2.40 | RRP: £3.50 | Profit: £1.10

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