Dry, chapped hands? Here’s how to soothe in 5 steps…

By Helena Biggs | 02 August 2020 | Brands, Feature

Mavex Model Girl 1200

With frequent hand washing and sanitising now the norm, you – and your clients – may be suffering with dry, chapped and sore hands.

Offer a soothing experience and promote moisture with a helping hand from Mavex and its Anti Dark Spot Hand treatment, before retailing the Hand Silky Peeling, Intensive Hand Serum and Anti Dark Spot Hand Cream to continue the benefits at home.

STEP 1:  Exfoliation with Swiss Alpine Salt Crystals

Apply a sufficient quantity of Hand Silky Peeling and massage with circular movements from the bottom to the top of the hands, up to the wrist, concentrating on areas where the skin is thicker.

Remove Silky Peeling with a warm wet towel: The thermal contrast on the skin is refreshed by the essential mint oil and creates vascular stretching, expanding the pores to prepare the skin to receive the active ingredients of the following phases.

STEP 2:  Massage with Anti Dark Spots Serum

Apply a sufficient amount of Anti Dark Spots Serum and massage with circular movements over the whole hand and up to the wrist until completely absorbed. Concentrate on areas where the skin has discolourations and dark spots.

STEP 3:  Alpine Herbs & Glacial Water Hand Mask

Spread a layer of Hand Gel Mask over both hands and continue up to the wrist. Cover with transparent plastic gloves and leave on for 15 minutes. If you cut the tips off the glove fingers, during this time nail and cuticles can be worked on, avoiding dead time.

Remove Hand Gel Mask using a hot wet towel. The thermal action improves blood flow & circulation.

STEP 4:    Massage with Anti Dark Spots Cream

Apply a liberal amount of Anti Dark Spots Cream on the hands and massage until completely absorbed

STEP 5:  Final Massage with Vitamin Dry Oil

Apply a pipette of Velvet Dry Oil on the hands and massage until completely absorbed.

Mavex products are available via www.mavex.uk