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Earthy Nail Polish: for green salons looking to retail a plant-based colour collection

By Alex Fox | 20 June 2021 | Brands, Feature, Sustainability & the environment

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If you want to widen your customer reach and retail with a conscience, then Earthy Nail Polish is a great option for your salon shelves. Earthy Nail Polish, born from a frustration towards unsustainable cosmetic products presents a core mission to provide the highest quality products with the least impact on the environment. This is achieved by using natural origin and bio-sourced materials with sustainable packaging. A plant-based polish range, the colour is created from casava, sugar cane and corn.

The polish claims to be 21-free, with a guaranteed ISO 16128 and has changed up the plastic nail polish cap by manufacturing a biodegradable bamboo cap that is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and decomposable.

Earthy Nails nail polishes and treatments are produced with a platinum 2020 Ecovadis Sustainability rating and contain no inner or outer production packaging. They use limited levels of VOC emissions and optimised extraction, lowering the impact on the environment. 97% of hazardous raw materials, 83% of the total waste is recycled, and 100% of industrial wastewaters are treated. They also use a waste management policy that promotes reusable tanks and drums and recycling of solvents for cleaning operations.

In Switzerland its sister brand is Nailture  and @nailture_official on Instagram.