Embracing natural beauty at Nails & Brows

By Sophie Nutt | 31 October 2018 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Boutique 011 Copy

At the beginning of this week, I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Nails & Brows boutique in Mayfair, London – simply a stone’s throw from Green Park.

Tucked away on Berkeley Street amongst an array of hotels and cool lunch spots, the beauty boutique catches your eye from the first glance, as an inviting and bright window display leads you into the chic, warm and friendly space from the outdoor Autumn chill. Only did I find out later into my visit that the team at Nails & Brows strive to have this effect on passers by as they encourage walk-in clients, invited by the window display that changes its appearance to coincide with the seasons. Spring/summer? You’ll see cherry blossom leaves cascading from the frames. Autumn/winter? A warming and festive aesthetic is present.

Describing itself as a ‘luxury boutique’, Nails & Brows reflects the area that surrounds it. The brand offers both amazing service and impeccable expertise, while promoting natural beauty and individual style. Founder, Sherrille Riley, has handpicked an extensive team of specialists, put them through her crafted beauty-bootcamp training and cherrypicked certain products that reflect the brand’s organic ethos, while delivering the upmost in bespoke results for every individual.

Step into the light, airy and clean space and you will immediately be warmly greeted by a member of the friendly team. As soon as you get talking to the talented therapists at Nails & Brows, you will feel as though you’ve known them for years. You can’t help but feel the profound buzz that’s created by the filled nail bar, pedicure chairs and brow chairs. Clients interact and laugh with each other as well as the techs or therapists treating them, and a chilled, friendly feel emits from every aspect of the boutique.

I was treated to the signature treatment – the Gold Kissed Manicure – by the Nails & Brows training manager, Bee Sidhu. This manicure sees nails being shaped to your preference, cuticles tidied, and a blush-nude CND Shellac polish is applied before kisses of 24 Carat gold leaf are used to create intricate nail art to your desire. Delicate and natural-looking, this manicure reflects the clean and elegant nature of Nails & Brows.

Keep an eye out in December’s issue of Scratch magazine where I will spill more details about my visit to Nails & Brows within our regular Scratch Pad’s feature!