Keen to enhance nail skills at home? Check out Edu-Mats

By Helena Biggs | 06 January 2021 | Feature, Training

Mel Lewendon Edu Mats

Learn one stroke, fine line, mixed media skills and more with an exciting nail training innovation from Derbyshire tech, Melanie Lewendon.

The celebrated educator and Scratch Stars 2020/21 finalist has created a series of ‘Edu-Mats’ packages, which each include access to an in-depth, online course and a reusable practise mat delivered to your door to aid learning and allow you to try out your new skills.

Melanie comments: “The Edu Mats are designed and developed to suit a variety of learning styles; from aural to written and visual.

“The interactive packages give nail pros the opportunity to improve and upskill on the fundamentals of nail art and product application. Each package comes complete with an online course, a full workbook, support group feedback and work.”

The Edu-Mats

These 21 x 29cm mats are wipeable and reusable. The material mimics the surface that the technique should be performed on. Double sided, each features easy-to-follow exercises in line with the appropriate online course. From basic exercises to intermediate, each process is developed and designed by Melanie.

The Workbook

The full colour workbook included in the package features clear, concise sections containing all relevant health & safety info that correlates to the chosen mat and technique. It also includes information about the products to be used and explains the technique, with a step-by-step guide.

The Course

When the package is purchased, Melanie will grant access to an entertaining video course.

The Group

Each purchase comes with lifetime access to an online learning group for support and additional education.

The courses are:

  • Acrylic Skills
  • Fine Lines
  • One Stroke
  • Mixed Media

“Edu-Mats is a new learning concept that combines online and face-to-face education with the right tools to do the job,” Melanie adds. “The mats help techs achieve competence in any given application with ease.”

The Edu-Mats packages are available to purchase via Be Inspired and