My experience of the Sienna X Brows treatment

By Sophie Nutt | 06 December 2018 | Brands, Feature, Technique

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Yesterday, I was invited to Cobella Hair and Beauty Salon in the sumptuous area of Kensington, London, to try the brand new Sienna X Brows range and treatment.

Recently, Sienna X revealed its very own brow tint range for techs and therapists to offer to their clients as an add-on to their existing services. The launch saw an overwhelming response of excited techs excited to get their hands on the range and, as a lover of the brand’s tanning products, it is needless to say that I was beyond excited to try the new treatment and brow products first-hand.

The Sienna X Brows range sees four shades of Brow Tints, a Tint Developer, Tint Stain Remover, two-in-one Brow Pencil & Fixing Serum, Illuminator Duo and Micellar Water. Combining these fast-acting and long-lasting products and Sienna X wax, the brow treatment includes a tint and wax to tidy up and perfect the brows – with a couple of luxury twists along the way.

I received a patch test 48 hours prior to the treatment to ensure that I had no allergies to or issues with using the products and was also asked to fill out a detailed consultation card upon arrival for the knowledge of the brow expert. This helped to create a more tailored experience, while also highlighting skincare regimes and lifestyle factors that may affect the treatment.

Taking around 45 minutes, the treatment saw any pre-existing make-up on and around the brow area being removed with the Micellar Water before the tint was then applied. As I have naturally light hair but dye it dark, I was advised to have the brown tint (number three). The tints can be left on for anything between one to 10 minutes, however they are so fast-developing that it usually only takes one to two minutes, which was true in my case.

Once the tint has been removed, the waxing begins! To add a little luxury into the treatment, cooling under-eye masks are applied to help rid of dark circles, puffiness, lines and aid the comfort of the client. I was surprised at how comfortable the waxing process was and I felt utterly relaxed with the help of the eye masks working their magic. Some final tweezing removed any stray hairs that weren’t picked up with the wax and created a flawless finish. Adding even more luxury to the treatment, I was then given a super-relaxing head pressure point massage.

The Brow Pencil & Fixing Serum was then lightly applied to fill in any sparse areas in the brows before the Illuminator Duo was used to rid any redness and define the brows even further, finishing off the treatment. The result? Darker, more naturally-defined eyebrows that require little to no make-up, which – for a woman that spends too much time filling in her brows every morning – is a big deal.

A luxury brow treatment that clients can squeeze into their lunch break, the Sienna X Brows experience is more than simply a tint and wax. I left Cobella with a spring in my step, relaxed and ready to walk brows-first into anything that was thrown my way.

COMING SOON! Sienna X will be launching a unique one-day brow training course, teaching techs all about the new range as well as facial mapping, anti-ageing eye mask and relaxing pressure point massage techniques. Keep your eyes peeled as dates will be released soon!