fresha top nail trends 2024

Revealed: the top 10 nail trends of 2024 so far

By Rebecca Hitchon | 15 April 2024

Research from beauty and wellness marketplace, Fresha, has uncovered the most popular global nail trends of the year. Analysing video and view counts on Tiktok, the number of hashtags on Instagram and overall social media engagement, the company has compiled the top ten nail trends that have captured worldwide attention…

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job search

Searching for a new nail or beauty role? An expert shares CV, interview & trade test tips

By Guest Writer | 10 April 2024

Linda Hill, founder of award-winning aesthetic and beauty recruitment agency, Linda Hill Recruitment, expert speaker & best-selling author of Beauty Therapist to Entrepreneur, answers questions about how to make a job application shine… What should nail and beauty pros look for in a job listing? Location. Reputation of the company…

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Find out the top 10 nail trends for spring 2024

By Callie Iley | 10 April 2024

Analysing search volume data on Pinterest, discount platform, Wethrift, has revealed the 10 most popular spring nail trends for 2024. Wethrift reports searches for ‘spring nails’ increasing by 1011% on Pinterest, seeing a shift away from the deep and moody palette of autumn and winter with the return of pastel…

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Why gel polish shrinks & how to prevent it

By Katie Barnes | 7 April 2024

Gel polish is a popular choice for many due to its long-lasting finish and resistance to chipping and fading, compared to traditional nail polish. However, one of the most common and tedious problems encountered when working with gel polish is the issue of shrinkage. Gel polish shrinking during application can…

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Catering To Eco Conscious Nail Clients

How to cater to eco-conscious nail clients

By Rebecca Hitchon | 3 April 2024

Immerse in expert advice to help protect the planet and satisfy clients… Unilever reports that 90% of Gen Z expect brands to do more to help reduce climate impact and in 2022, a YouGov survey found that two-thirds of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable purchases. “Most new…

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Job Interview

Are you hiring? A recruitment expert shares advice for beauty employers

By Guest Writer | 1 April 2024

Linda Hill, founder of award-winning aesthetic and beauty recruitment agency, Linda Hill Recruitment, expert speaker & best-selling author of Beauty Therapist to Entrepreneur, answers questions about the hiring process… How do I know when is the right time to enlist new employees? It’s time to recruit when you are oversubscribed…

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Open Sign

Why you should review your beauty business’ opening hours

By Marie-Louise Coster | 30 March 2024

Session nail stylist, salon owner & educator, Marie-Louise Coster, shares the importance of regularly reviewing your business’ opening times… When you started your business, how much thought did you put into your opening hours? And have you reviewed them since?  Many of you will have spent time considering the most…

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Michelle Brookes Educator 2022

How to raise your profile as a nail professional

By Michelle Brookes | 29 March 2024

Do you want to build and raise your profile in the nail industry? There are several ways you can do this, including via social media, a business website, Google profile and word of mouth. Another very effective way to do this is through entering competitions. I started my competition journey…

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Credit Hands Woman

Inside look: The power of nail creators & importance of crediting them

By Katie Barnes | 26 March 2024

The nail industry is a dynamic and fast-growing industry, with creators and ambassadors playing a crucial role in shaping trends, showcasing products and inspiring millions of nail professionals worldwide. These talented individuals invest their time, creativity and expertise to produce exceptional work, yet often their contributions go unnoticed and uncompensated.…

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Katy P Video Guide

An award-winning nail tech’s guide to creating great video content

By Katy Pottle | 24 March 2024

The World’s Star Nail Artist 2023, Katy Pottle, shares top tips for creating jaw-dropping video content to capture attention… Get inspired Firstly, seek inspiration from fellow nail artists. Watch their videos and ascertain what works and engages you. This can give you a good basis for your own unique video. If creating a…

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