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Good health, safety & hygiene practices at the nail desk

By Scratch Staff | 12 April 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Head educator for Faby, Alessandra Marchesi, encourages you to assess your current working practice for any bad habits – and serves up top tips for maintaining high standards of practice

Even as experienced and highly qualified professionals, bad habits can creep up in terms of health, safety and hygiene. You need to make sure that you are maintaining the high standards of practice that clients expect and deserve, for both your safety and the safety of your clients.

  1. Tidy desk, tidy mind

Your nail desk is like a business card for your services and says a lot about how you work. A professional-looking workspace earns trust and respect, so keep it tidy by placing your products in order of use.

Start client side with the first products used, such as removers, working back toward you. Once used, place the product back in its place. The more you work this way, the more natural it becomes to maintain this tidy habit. Having the same layout on your desk also saves time with no need to search for products.


  1. Find a place for everything

Always consider where your nail desk is positioned, and where your products are stored in relation to natural sunlight.

While working with curable products, also avoid placing them near the lamp, i.e. where the clients hands are. Repeated exposure to light could impact on the usability and longevity of your products.

  1. Look after your investment

Take the time to ensure that the products you have invested in are properly stored and maintained to prolong their use, and keep them performing at full potential.

With Faby Lacquering Gel, the brush can be removed from the cap in order to clean the inside of it. I do this regularly with Faby’s Clever as residue around the cap and neck of the bottle can prevent the bottle from closing properly, therefore leaving it open to contamination and curing or evaporation for some products. The key is to prevent products from becoming contaminated with dust and fluff to allow you to use the full 15ml in the bottle.

  1. Ensure care and clever practice

Seek to avoid cross contamination from the start of the service by ensuring that both you and the client have clean hands. Wash them and consider using Faby’s M2 Soak, which is both anti-bacterial and antiseptic as well as hydrating for hands. Good practice it shows that you are committed to offering a hygienic service and earns trust, and consider explaining the steps that you are taking to your client to reinforce this trust.

Keep a plastic brush at your desk and spray with a cleanser such as Faby’s Clever to remove any debris from metal tools. This should be done before putting tools into barbicide or an auto-clave.

I am a firm believer in the use of disposable placemats on a nail desk. You can use the fold to gather filings and dust and dispose of between clients to keep the area clean.


As professionals, we should take pride in our environment, products, appearance and ultimately our own work.

Take time out of your day to evaluate your work area and look at the nail station, your products and equipment through the eyes of a client to identify if you are able to work more efficiently or present your business more professionally.

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