FAVES OF 2017: Karen Brown, Sanctuary in the City

By Sophie Nutt | 26 December 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

Karen Brown Nails

We’ve been asking you for your favourite nail designs of 2017!

Karen Brown, of Sanctuary in the City salon, revealed that her favourite nail design is the one that she created for her client who was jetting off to Las Vegas.

“These are my favourite nails of 2017 as Las Vegas is my absolute favourite place to visit, so when my client told me she was going and needed the ultimate American nails, I went looking for inspiration. We both tried to figure out what she would love and what would look awesome on her nails and finally decided on dollar nails – what would be better for going to the gambling city of the world?!

“These nails were created using NSI Attraction Rose Blush Powder and green glitters, as well as broken glass effect paper. I also cut up a one dollar bill and encapsulated them into the wet acrylic before capping them in clear acrylic. I used Pro Impressions clear tips and shaped them before using the NSI Attraction Rose Blush Powder for the base, which I pressed the cut up dollar in to. I then used various green glitters and broken glass effect paper to surround and compliment the colours in the dollar to give them that glitzy Vegas look.

“I love this design as it’s something out there and eye catching. Encapsulating the dollar really made people take a second look at them and ask my client about them – she loved everyone asking about her nails! They really capture the spirit of Vegas.”

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