Top 5 tips for nail competitions by Gabriella Kovács

By Helena Biggs | 21 March 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

Nailympia judge and nail expert, Gabriella Kovács, of Hungary, reveals her 5 top tips for techs looking to compete on a national or international level.

  1. All your tools and products should be placed in the same position on your table when you practice and during the actual competition. You will be under pressure during the competition and sometimes this makes it more difficult to find what you need, so, if the products are in the same place as they were in your practice hours you could close your eyes and still know where to find exactly what you need.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others. Their speed is different to yours! Somebody’s product application or filing process may be faster. Your aim is to finish your set of nails at your pace.
  3. Never change your brand/products within one month before competing. Decide at the onset which brand or product you want to use, and do all your training with this. Your hands get used to the feel and workability of the products. Different product lines have different features, different curing times, different consistencies. Leave yourself time to have a complete experience of the products you’ve chosen.
  4. When you start training, don’t focus on every detail. Build up your skills methodically. Start by working on creating the moon, then the sidewalls, next smile lines, then surface, length etc. Each and every practice session must be separate. You won’t get perfect nails at first, so do it step-by-step and work in stages to build up your skills.
  5. Ask previous winners plenty of questions. They can really help you build up your techniques and style. Many hold competition masterclasses and can offer valuable advice from their own experiences. One of the best feelings I’ve ever had is watching one of my students on stage having placed!

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