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Get educated with the refreshed Georgie Smedley Group education programme

By Chloe Randall | 20 November 2021 | Feature

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Georgie Smedley Group (GSG), formerly Nail Harmony UK, has carefully given its Scratch Stars award-winning education programme a refresh to suit the post-lockdown environment. Scratch’s Chloe finds out more and even tries out one of the courses herself…

At the helm is newly appointed head of education, Kristina Manners, who has a wealth of experience in the nail realm.

 kristina mannersMeet Kristina Manners

Head of education, Georgie Smedley Group

Kristina Manners started her journey in the nail industry as an apprentice 30 years ago and since then, has been involved in all corners of the nail world.

From running a large and busy salon in Marbella to starting her own nail academy and distribution centre in Spain, Kristina has also worked extensively across the globe in nail education. It was during her time as a global educator for EzFlow that Kristina met, Georgie Smedley, and the pair worked together all over the world.

Alongside working for EzFlow, Kristina has worked as a global educator for American International Industries (AII) and headed up international education for Nail Alliance, which boasts Gelish in its portfolio. It was here that she crossed paths with Georgie Smedley again, UK distributor for Gelish. She worked as a dean of education and international events & education director for Nail Alliance, mentoring techs worldwide to become educators, and she has imparted her knowledge as a nail competition judge.

Now head of education for Georgie Smedley Group, Kristina is looking forward to supporting its educators and helping existing and future technicians to develop and achieve their goals and dreams.

The courses available:

  • Nail Knowledge
  • All That Jazz Manicure / Pedicure
  • Gelish Beginners Natural Nail / Beginners Comprehensive / Conversion
  • Gelish Design
  • Gelish PHD Advanced
  • Gelish Soft Gel
  • Gelish Dip Beginners / Conversion
  • Prohesion L&P Beginners Comprehensive / Conversion / Beginners Sculpting / Beginners Reflections Design
  • Prohesion L&P PHD Advanced / PHD Advanced Sculpting / PHD Advanced Reflections Design
  • PolyGel Beginners Comprehensive / Basic / Beginners Sculpting
  • PolyGel PHD Advanced / PHD Advanced Sculpting
  • Gelish Hard Gel Beginners Comprehensive / Conversion / Beginners Sculpting
  • Gelish Hard Gel PHD Advanced / PHD Advanced Sculpting
  • E-file Comprehensive / Basic
  • Fibreglass
  • Brow Lamination Class (BLX)
  • Classic Lashes Class (one by one)
  • Russian Lashes Class
  • Lash Lift LLX
  • Henna Brows
  • Enhancing Skills Workshop

Why train with Georgie Smedley Group?

Georgie Smedley Group utilises the Nail Harmony (Gelish), All That Jazz, AeroPuffing and Lash eXtend brands within its courses. These serve novices to veteran technicians by offering the systems and techniques needed to become successful.

“We guide students throughout their journey with ongoing case studies, support worksheets and we continue to mentor them throughout their career,” reveals Kristina.

“Once an individual has trained successfully with the GSG, they are a certified and accredited GSG member and have a lifelong commitment from us to mentor and help them throughout your career.”

All of the courses are now available with a kit package which has been heavily reduced in price to help students invest in themselves. The education offering at Georgie Smedley Group has also been made more concise. With all courses fully accredited by ABT, each course can either be taken online, in-venue, in-salon or on a one-to-one basis.

“We offer a full understanding of the products, techniques and background of the system or skills being taught,” Kristina continues. “We are building life skills and will work with each individual to ensure they get to a place where they are ready and confident to pass their assessment to be certified.” All students need to pass a live assessment and a theory questionnaire, securing a score of over 65% to pass the training.

My experience at the Gelish Soft Gel virtual course…

I was invited to try the virtual Gelish Soft Gel course via Microsoft Teams, led by master educator, Catherine Jimenez. A kit had been posted out to me and an overview of the course was given before a detailed demo of Soft Gel tips application and removal, with plenty of time for questions and thorough explanations of the products involved.

As one of Georgie Smedley Group’s best-selling courses, the Soft Gel training course was made even easier to follow with the workbook provided, including extensive step-by-steps of the system which can be referred back to at my convenience.

Following along with the demo in real time, Catherine was able to provide feedback and ensure that I followed all points correctly through the comfort of a screen due to the kit package including everything needed.

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