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Get The Sharm Effect with Beauty2trs Education

By Alex Fox | 02 January 2021 | Feature, Technique

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An exciting new course has been added to the Beauty2Trs platform – The Sharm Effect.

As nail pros, we like to find that great combination between a design, which is unique yet won’t take ages to create in the salon.

Izabela Visser is a talented nail artist, who has honed her very own unique style. Her designs are created using the latest techniques with each one showcasing her own personal signature. Her class Sharm Effect is designed to accommodate your request for quick and easy salon nail art that is gorgeous too.

This is covered in the class:

– application of gel polish for the sharm effect

– application of Swarovski stones

– quick, easy nail art techniques

– fine lines

– correct tools

To get an idea about the content of the class, view the class preview:


Izabela also offers a FREE class – Jewelry Nails – click here to enrol –

All About Izabela as told by Izabela…

“My name is Izabela Gorzycka Visser and I’ve been an official nail stylist for 12 years, although my passion for nails started much earlier. I am Polish and it was in Poland that I completed my education for this beautiful profession. In 2012, I took the step to become an educator in various international brands. I am now also an importer/educator for the young brand, Slowianka Nail Trends.

“My goal is to project my passion for nails into my students and clients. I regularly follow training courses myself, which is why I can share the latest techniques through my lessons. I am based in Leeuwarden in Holland, which is not around the corner for many students,  so fortunately i can now reach techs across the globe via the Beauty2Trs online platform.

I hope you find my lessons inspiring so you can use this in your salon.

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