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Health issues lead to nail educator building her own nail brand with 22 gel polish shades for starters

By Alex Fox | 07 June 2021 | Brands, Feature

Hayley Winder 3

After working for 10 years as a nail educator, Hayley Winder of Cheadle, Stockport decided it was time to create a nail brand tailored to her needs and those of her students. “Working in the trusted position of nail educator, made me feel I needed to provide products that I knew the origin of and would have 100% confidence in, as I was recommending them to my students,” cites Hayley. “Now that allergy issues in the UK are rising and after I  developed sores in my nose, I ramped up research and testing around 2018, testing a variety of products from over six manufacturers on my willing clients. I discovered systems I was happy with that suited the way I worked with the focus on hypoallergenic ingredients and so moved forward creating my own brand with the products that fitted by needs. I’m also happy to state my brand is manufactured in the EU.

HypoGEL, a range of hypoallergenic products made using the safest possible ingredients taking out the main known allergenic ingredients.
No HEMA, HPMA or IBOA and all made in the EU. Flexi B is a base & builder gel, a soft soak off formula.

“I was also in search of the ultimate builder gel that was perfect for natural nails, which I specialise in, to provide extended wear under gel polish. The brand is called HW Nail Systems and all its hypoallergenic products have the HypoGEL logo on (the gel polish system and 3-in-1 hard gel). This system has a hema-free rubber base and its Flexi B (base & builder) is available in four colours (although I’m working with my chemist on a new shade to present five). I have a rechargeable cordless lamp with funky pink lights, approved by the manufacturer and it’s about to get further industry tested with an expert in the USA.


HW Natural Beauty – a range of luxury body products designed with sensitive skin in mind. These products are handmade by Hayley and contain only the finest high quality natural ingredients. They are packed with skin loving butters and​ oils to provide intense hydration leaving skin silky soft. They can be made completely fragrance-free on request.
All products have had cosmetic safety assessments done and are listed on the UK Cosmetics portal.
All of the range is vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in eco-friendly materials where possible. HW Natural Beauty is available to everyone, as they are not a ‘professional-only’ product. However, they can all be used in treatments such as Manicure/Pedicure/Body scrub/Massage etc.

“I have a handmade range, which I make myself, are all cosmetic safety tested and can be used in treatments such as mani/pedi/body etc. I currently have spring and summer colours available in the HypoGEL gels and my autumn colours are currently in production. Im very excited as I lunched in March 2021 and it’s all coming together now with little bits being added such as nail files and forms. The feedback i’ve been getting from customers has been amazing, including people with sensitivities, so I’m thrilled.”