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Here’s how to create a rapport with non-English speaking clients

By Emma Hobday | 01 November 2021 | Business, Expert Advice, Feature

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Scratch chats to Magda Gniewek, educator of Magnetic Nails UK, about how to create a connection with your clients who don’t use English as their first language…

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What is the best way to build a working relationship with a client whose mother tongue is not the English language?

“When working with a client who doesn’t speak English, we need to make sure their experience is as pleasant as possible,” says Magda. “To do that we must be respectful and patient, clear and empathetic. Adjust your language so you don’t use difficult words, terms and phrases that might be hard for your client to understand. Using open and friendly body language can say more than words!”

But how would you understand what a non-English speaking client wanted for their nails? 

“In the social media era, photos are the easy way to show a nail tech what we like and want for our nails. It’s good practice to have what we offer displayed and visible for clients; colours on colour pops, examples of shapes on posters, and nail art in frames and boxes, as it will help your client choose and be able to communicate what they would like more easily.”

How would you make sure they enjoyed their experience and would want to come back again?

“I truly believe that we can create an amazing experience for everyone, just by being human! Try to put yourself in their position and how you’d like to be treated in a foreign country. A professional service, with respecting all cultures, choices and outstanding customer service makes a returning client base.”

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