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‘Here’s why I actively promote my salon as gender inclusive’

By Rebecca Hitchon | 17 November 2023 | Feature, Salon & Spas, Tech Talk

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Is it clear that your business is inclusive to all? Some gender norms and discrimination can hold people back from entering salon spaces.

Sarah Brown, owner of Angel Avenue salon and training school in Atherton, Lancashire, reveals that she was prompted to promote her salon as a gender and trans inclusive space, after noticing that men were held back from using her services.

“I first noticed men booking onto the system then cancelling their appointments nearer the time,” she comments. “A few of them would message to ask if I would mind doing their nails, as they were men. I found it so sad that they didn’t assume it was fine.

“When I started my career in nails, I had a checklist of requirements for my business, which included being inclusive, warm and welcoming to everyone sitting in my chair. We treat all our clients to the same level of service. Gender certainly isn’t an issue – we just love that people love the nail looks we create.

“This is why I decided to put a notice on the homepage of my website about Angel Avenue being trans-friendly, allowing there to be no confusion that we accommodate to all,” Sarah continues.

The salon owner explains that gender inclusivity is something that she has considered in her personal life, with three cousins in the LGBTQ+ community, along with a daughter who has friends that are transitioning, gender fluid, bigender and agender. This was also behind her decision to actively promote Angel Avenue as inclusive.

“As a business, we’re here to support and allow for kindness, dignity and respect, so we would never tolerate any discrimination from other clients or people around us,” Sarah says. “We want to embrace our transgender and non-binary community because their lives are hard enough, and we believe everyone is entitled to live on this earth, however they choose.”

Client, Jamie, with employee, Keeley.

Transgender woman, Jamie, is one of Angel Avenue’s regular clients. “I love that we are helping her on her transgender journey,” Sarah smiles. “Having her nails done is important to her, as it makes her feel amazing, and I’m glad we can give her that extra confidence.”

Jamie’s love for the salon, as well as the positive reviews that Angel Avenue’s client base leave, are testament to the benefits of a business promoting itself as a gender inclusive space.

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