Hannah Beth Clayton

How a booking system can benefit a nail tech’s work-life balance

By Hannah Beth Clayton | 12 February 2024 | Business, Feature, Tech Talk, Technology

Laptop Nails Booking

Natural nail specialist & educator, Hannah Beth Clayton, shares how booking software has supported the day-to-day running of her business…

Throwback to around four years ago, and I spent most evenings with a pen and paper, messaging clients back and forth to find an appointment for them. My husband would become agitated as he’d want to watch TV and spend the evening with me, but I’d be busy tapping on my laptop and phone to try and sort appointment dates for clients.
The idea of a booking software system came to mind and it filled me with dread. It seemed very on-trend and the idea of not buying my yearly treat of Filofax pages made me feel a little sad. Plus, questions filled my mind:
  • What if the clients can’t use it?
  • What if the clients don’t like it?
  • What if they go elsewhere?
But I took the leap and all my clients loved it. Now, I couldn’t work without it – although I do still miss my Filofax!

The best thing is, clients think they have the power, but really, I can do whatever I like behind the scenes.

Here’s how a booking software has benefitted my business:
  • I take every Thursday off, so book it out for the year. Clients don’t need to know; they just see that appointments are full that day.
  • All planned family holidays have been blocked out, so clients know when to work around the dates.
  • I get every client to card capture, so in the event of no-shows or cancellation charges, I can take the fee without having an awkward conversation.
  • I can plan my diary before anyone else tells me when I’m working, and my hours are set – no just booking the odd client in!
  • Clients can change, cancel and amend their appointments without me having to message back. It’s instant!
  • I choose how far in advance I want to book clients in.
  • I can send a monthly newsletter to all current clients without involving social media.
  • I have accounting reports at my fingertips, which makes self assessments a breeze.
The fees that are associated with a booking system can vary but truly, it’s worth every penny in my opinion. Take the stress away, get your life back and get rid of that paper diary, as it can now all be at the touch of a button.
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