How are Navy Professional nail tools made?

By Kat Hill | 01 April 2021 | Brands, Feature

Navy Professional Lead

With an ethos of hygiene, quality and precision at its core, Navy Professional has grown to become a tool brand in serious demand.

Founded in Yorkshire with the aim to create a new British Standard in tools for the beauty industry, Rebecca Crawforth worked with a UK-based, family-run manufacturing company to grow the range of nail, lash and brow tools now available. The brand has since expanded to offer beauty professionals a convenient hygiene system and a range of salon accessories, including retail and care products.

While some of the tools in the range currently see a wait time, Rebecca enthuses that anything branded with the Navy Professional emblem is of a premium quality, thanks to the production process and quality control measures in place. “Sourcing tools which are good quality may cost more initially, however they will last longer and can be both serviced and maintained,” Rebecca says.

“As the saying goes: ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’.”

Rebecca Crawforth

The manufacturing process

Every Navy Professional tool is made to British Standards, with each hand-finished to specification by the brand’s UK-based team of skilled craftsmen.

“Almost all tools are design-protected and are made specifically for Navy Professional,” Rebecca continues. “Accept no imitation; there is only one place to buy Navy tools.”

Easily spotted thanks to their signature gold colouring, the tools see a titanium coating for added strength and durability, with the added benefit that bacteria are unable to adhere to it. The coating helps also protect the tools from rust and pitting.

“This same coating mustn’t be confused to other titanium coatings; it is premium and is used on Formula One car parts,” smiles Rebecca.

What’s more, every single tool goes through a nine-step quality control inspection before being dispatched.

Scroll down to watch a behind-the-scenes video of the manufacturing process.

Care & ethos

When ready, each tool is packed by hand with the upmost care and attention to detail. “We don’t replace people by using machines,” smiles Rebecca.

The range is truly built to last. “When used correctly, Navy Professional tools should only require servicing once every 12-18 months,” Rebecca continues. “Each tool is guaranteed to last much longer than others, which means less goes to landfill every year.”

While the manufacturer process upholds extremely high standards, the company also reflects this in its ethos and core beliefs. “Money is reinvested back into innovation for our industry and more than 17 locally-run family businesses who help support our business,” Rebecca states.

“As a brand, we buy British and support independent businesses by only sourcing from local businesses.”

The brand is PETA approved, vegan-friendly and uses biodegradable elements through the range, including its hygiene product line. This care also extends to the wider industry: “Navy Professional works with the country’s leading professionals to offer you the most accurate information possible to protect you and your career.

“We provide you with tools which will set you apart from others; tools that will highlight your skills and abilities,” concludes Rebecca.

“We invest in a industry which we love and know deserves better.”

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