How NexGen Nails dip powders have doubled my salon profits

By Helena Biggs | 11 October 2021 | Brands, Feature

nexgen nails lead

Nail tech, Sharon Shaw, had always wanted to find a quick and easy alternative to L&P acrylic that would deliver natural-looking, beautiful nails without damaging the nail plate. Her mission ended when she discovered NexGen Nails and ProgenX dipping powder, available in the UK via Go Pretty.

sharon shaw

“NexGen is an American brand that has been around for over 10 years,” explains Sharon. “It has a great price point and you can create around 60 sets of nails from every pot – and application is so easy to learn,” Sharon enthuses.

“My treatment times have halved meaning my customer base has doubled and so have my profits. Now I only offer NexGen Nails as a nail treatment in my salon.”

nexgen nails

Sharon was so impressed with the NexGen product line that she set up her own accredited training academy, in which she trains qualified nail techs and beginners in the NexGen method. She also heads up the Go Pretty accredited training programme, which the brand is launching nationwide, and has become the marketing and development manager for the company.

Sharon loves the benefits of the NexGen product, revealing that it is water-resistant, odour free, HEMA-free and boasts an extensive selection of over 300 shades. It can be used as a base before application of gel polish and allows for a super-strong nail finish.

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The brand has unveiled an autumnal colour collection of powders. “The shades not only look amazing when they are used individually, but each shade collection has been chosen to complement one other,” says Sharon. “If you don’t want a solid colour, then they are perfect to use on an accent nail, for French or ombré looks.”

The ethos of the brand is not only to offer the best products, but also the best customer service. “The Go Pretty website has relaunched so our clients can purchase everything they need to produce the perfect set of NexGen Nails, with a range of Go Pretty accessories including nail glues, wipes, files and buffers. We will continue to add to the range over the next few months,” Sharon continues. She is also very excited by the premium ProgenX range, an even finer dipping powder with even more colours to choose from, and all compatible with the NexGen system.

“At Go Pretty I am constantly looking for new training academies and brand ambassadors to help move the NexGen system forward and spread the word. The more people we educate on how amazing this product range is, the better!”