How practicing advanced nail art can boost your business

By Sophie Nutt | 04 October 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Exercising your artistic arm and boosting your creative flair should always be a priority in such a visual industry, however, by offering advanced nail art services you can also bump up your prices and generate higher revenue per nail set. Not only this, but with demand from fashion-conscious individuals high, offering services involving new and exciting techniques or products is paramount.

Expanding your skillset is not only a fantastic investment in your own personal development, but also in your business. With social media serving up avant-garde nail looks for the disposal of professional and clients alike, it’s important to keep up-to-date with new trends and extravagant services. After all, such skill commands a higher treatment price.

“I think nail art is good for any tech to offer as we are in a more competitive market than we have ever been previously,” says Ilex Wood, Nail Harmony UK educator. “Social media is now at everyone’s fingertips, meaning clients will frequently turn to the internet for ideas, and you don’t want to lose a potential client when something could have easily been added to your treatment menu. It also demonstrates your skills and abilities and creates a unique selling point to attract new clients.”

Although adding such services to your menu can at first appear a little daunting, Salon System educator, Rachel Gribble, encourages nail professionals to rid the fear. “My advice to nil technicians and beauty therapists who are put off by nail art would be, give it a chance. Nail art might be something you personally do not like, but as a therapist or nail technician we are here to provide services to our customers, and nail art is a key service. I would also say not to be afraid of it; it is great fun to do, and there are levels suitable for all.”

“Advanced nail art skills and services catch the attention of new clients and makes them want to come to you. They may never have the elaborate designs, but it’s what caught their eye in the first place,” – Lisa Dunlop, European head of education for Cuccio.

Similarly, INK London educator, Simone Radley, stresses the importance of expanding your skillset – regardless of your chosen system or favoured style. “It’s always important to push yourself and try new things: you may be surprised at what you can achieve,” explains Simone. “Nail art has become amazingly popular and if you push yourself to the next step by trying more advanced art it can be great for your career in terms of getting your work noticed.”

Ever-growing competition in the industry increases the importance of boasting your work on business social media pages to gain the attention of both potential and existing clients. “It’s important to showcase your work on social media if you want to build your business. Not every client will request elaborate designs; but being able to offer them will set you apart from your competitors,” advises Lisa Dunlop, European head of education for Cuccio. “Advanced nail art skills and services catch the attention of new clients and makes them want to come to you. They may never have the elaborate designs, but it’s what caught their eye in the first place.”

As well as this, displaying your skills in your salon can pique the interest of clients. A talking point and an efficient way to showcase, try creating a nail art menu for clients to browse. “Having your designs displayed in the view of clients is a great way to attract interest. I would also recommend wearing your nail art on your own nails to spark conversations and introduce your client to your other nail services,” says Rachel Gribble. “It is always good to have a large selection of designs to appeal to all clients, from delicate, simple tasteful designs to the bolder, more adventurous designs.”

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