How to add another nail service to your treatment menu

By Kat Hill | 09 March 2019 | Expert Advice, Feature

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New year, new skill! Are you thinking of adding to your salon menu to meet client nail needs? Liz Richards, national sales and education manager for Cuccio Europe, shares some thing to consider…

“It’s important when adding a new system that you choose based on what would be right for your clientele and staff alike. There is little point in investing unless you know it’s going to be a key new product on your treatment menus.

“Think about why you need the new product or system in the first place? Does the product tick your boxes? If yes, make sure you complete all the manufacturer training as all these products differ slightly. These little differences may be small but could be catastrophic to how they wear.”

“When promoting any new system or product to your client, it is important that you have full knowledge and understanding yourself. You don’t want to be stumped by a question from your client.

“Give them information by asking questions. Are you nails weak or brittle? Is your current treatment lasting well? Use this to propel you to your new product and wow your customers with your knowledge.”