How to add hair removal services to your treatment menu

By Sophie Nutt | 08 November 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

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With winter weather comes tights, knee-high boots and fluffy socks. But with Christmas comes festive manicures and pedicures ready for the party season – and what good is a fresh pedi when legs riddled with stubble accompany them? Not only that, but clients seek armpit and facial hair removal all year round, so why not make your business a one-stop shop for their needs? Reap the rewards of some extra profit and leave the fluff to the socks this winter.

Before fully stepping into the world of hair removal, be sure to undertake the relevant training for the type of service you wish to offer. With so many options on the market regarding hair removal training courses, it is important to do your research surrounding the type of training that is required and which course meets the needs of both you and your clients – as well as what courses are accredited by a recognised body.

A big factor is the starting cost of adding hair removal to your services, so it is important to choose the right training course and fully immerse yourself to offer the best possible service. “Investing in fully accredited training is essential before carrying out treatments to allow you to feel confident and develop good skills and understand all the latest techniques,” says Lisa Stone educator for Salon System.

“Nail services are often a part of prep for a special occasion, whether it’s a holiday, wedding, or special night out so it’s a simply way to upsell,” – Lisa Stone, Salon System educator.

Once you’ve got the space, equipment and relevant training you need to offer hair removal services to your clients, getting them on board for a treatment can be relatively straightforward. While attending to your client’s nails, mention that you have trained in hair removal and now offer it as another service. “Your manicure and pedicure clients are seated right in front of you for enough time for you to discuss and explain your new services,” Lisa continues. “Nail services are often a part of prep for a special occasion, whether it’s a holiday, wedding, or special night out so it’s a simple way to upsell,” Your clients know you and your skillset already and will more than likely be confident in your ability to give them a smooth and comfortable wax, making it easy for you to gain the interest of your pre-existing clients.

Advertise your new service on your website and social media accounts with testimonials. Offering introductory discounts and loyalty cards to regular clients is a wonderful way to make sure your clients keep coming back.

After the initial start-up costs of adding hair removal to your treatment menu, the running costs are relatively low, meaning the services can inject a bit of life into your cash flow.

“Once confident, waxing treatments take very little time and the cost of service is so low that it becomes a great way to increase revenue,” Lisa reveals. “Waxing prices can vary dramatically depending on where you are based or if you are mobile. Be sure to research prices from local businesses and your competitors, reflecting your prices to your experience and clientele base.”

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