How to add make-up services to your treatment menu

By Sophie Nutt | 29 November 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Illuminate your treatment menu and bring a splash of colour to your retail area with make-up services and product picks, just in time for the New Year.

Make-up application is more than just routine; a makeover is an indulgent and feel-good experience and an art form that not everyone can master. Honing the same instant effect that a fresh manicure affords make-up services are an ideal complement to your nail portfolio – so consider investing in your skills for 2019 and adding a professional make-up service to your clients for special events such as parties and weddings – or even just as a treat.

“There is an old saying that it is easier and more effective in business to ‘farm’ than ‘fish’; in other words, selling more products and services to current customers is more profitable than finding new customers,” comments Lloyd Naaké of Airbase Make-up. “This advice is pertinent across industries, but applies particularly in the beauty industry where personal service and trust are of paramount importance.” Lloyd explains that training in make-up is a natural extension for nail techs, salon owners and mobile therapists as it fits with ‘beautifying’ and is a service needed by clients for a range of occasions.

“When you start a new service, it can be daunting and expensive so it is important to set a budget and stick to it. While it is crucial that you are committed to your new investment, this doesn’t mean you have to outlay ridiculous amounts. Make-up can be relatively expensive as an add-on product.”

Lead make-up artist for High Definition Beauty, Racheal Kelly, says that enticing clients to have their make-up applied professionally is a no-brainer. “The end result is a professional finish that clients wouldn’t be able to achieve at home and, what’s more, is that the longevity is much better, too.” When it comes to price, Rachael says it’s important to do your research, such as finding out the standard rate for application in the area. “Having your make-up done professionally is a pampering that everyone should try at least once, especially if they have a special occasion planned,” she reveals.

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