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How to avoid bridal nail disasters

By Rebecca Hitchon | 06 April 2022 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times for a bride, so ensure their nails aren’t an area of worry by putting in place plans to prevent nail mishaps.

“There is a lot that could potentially go wrong at a wedding, so you need to explain to a bride how you can solve her nail related problems,” advises Magda Gniewek, Magnetic Nail Design expert educator.

“Use a guarantee like ‘If you have a nail emergency on the day of your wedding, we will immediately fix the nail for free.’ Also, if your client has a wedding abroad which you’re doing the nails for in advance, help them find an emergency salon in their destination country to put their mind at ease.”

Louella Belle brand ambassador, Laura Chree, agrees that it’s important to think about solutions you can provide for wedding ‘what ifs’, catering these to brides’ needs to make your service standout.

“What if the client chips a nail and I am not around to fix it?” she asks. “I will retail a polish in the same colour. What if they are worried that they will lose a crystal and I won’t be seeing them again? I make a replacement repair kit. What if they have terribly dry hands or feet? I will retail the correct lotions and oils for them to apply in run up to the wedding day.”

Fake tan should be taken into consideration when creating bridal nails, as there’s a high chance of nail staining if tanning occurs after a treatment,” adds Carla Mitchell, Nailchemy brand ambassador.

She notes that it’s also important to consider the practicality of the nail length you choose for your client. “If the bride does not normally wear extensions, I advise against an extreme length for fear of catching nails on lace on their wedding dress, struggling with bikinis, fiddly clothing or jewellery on their honeymoon, or even making everyday tasks impossible as some people go straight back to work after their wedding.”

As Carla shows, it’s not just the wedding day that you should be considering. “Most brides will jet off on their honeymoon within days of their wedding so make sure their nails are practical for their holiday,” advises Giorgia Capella, The GelBottle Inc educator and brand ambassador.

“Recommend the appropriate aftercare – especially a cuticle oil – to ensure that their nails last the duration of the honeymoon.”