Chloe Randall

How to care for a pregnant nail technician

By Chloe Randall | 10 March 2021 | Feature

Pregnant Tech Buttercups

Carrying a baby can be both the most beautiful, yet tiring period of a woman’s life. If you’re a salon manager with a pregnant employee or you’re expecting a child yourself, help aid your daily work life with top tips for keeping as comfortable as possible…

Points to consider:

  1. Posture

Posture is always important for the nail technician and especially when pregnant. The nail tech should ensure their desk is at a suitable height for them and they have appropriate back support with the chair they are using.

  1. Environment

A clean working environment with appropriate ventilation is essential to ensure the well-being of the pregnant lady and to comply with the relevant legislation. Some chemicals involved in nails have a strong odour and pregnant women tend to have a stronger sense of smell, meaning it affects them more.

  1. Comfort

Ensure you have comfortable clothing and seating whilst considering the pressure on your back and legs when working. Easy access to toilet facilities will also be necessary.

  1. Movement 

Be prepared to stop working earlier, take regular breaks and stay hydrated.

The Employer’s perspective

As part of health & safety procedures, business owners should conduct regular risk assessments; particularly reviewing them when a pregnancy is announced. This analysis is a great way to identify any risks that need to be addressed. 

Some employers will contribute towards your maternity benefit but that all depends on your contract, so you may need to read through it. The HSA also states that the employer needs to allow provision for the pregnant, postnatal or breastfeeding mother to rest or lie down in appropriate conditions. The employer is also obliged to carry out a risk assessment in relation to pregnancy” commented CND Educator, Susan McGirl.

“From 28 weeks, you are high risk anyway, so more than one risk assessment should be taken into place. Again, your employer should allocate you extra breaks and allow you to restrict some services such as pedicures, you can’t even reach your own toes!” commented TGB Brand Ambassador Rosemarie Jones.

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