How to clean your salon towels

By Kat Hill | 12 March 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

Salon Towels

Abbas Vawda, managing director at Majestic Towels shares his advice for caring and cleaning your towels…

Abbas Vawda

Abbas Vawda

“For a busy business that requires daily laundering, it is advisable to opt for a middle weight towel (around 500gsm). These will be very durable, giving reduced washing and drying times, thus making them eco-friendly and cost effective.

“In order to extend the towel’s longevity, launder using a domestic washing machine and tumble dryer where possible. The washing cycle is kind to the fabric and the machines are now smaller but with a larger drum capacity – making them a practical choice.

“In order to retain the colour, shape and quality, it is essential to launder according to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the care label, with a temperature between 30 to 40 degrees. Avoid products that contain optic whitener as this will bleach and fade colours. Protect the vibrancy by using a colour care liquid.

“The frequency with which towels should be updated is dependent on the amount of use they receive. If they are laundered on a daily basis, they will need to be replaced more regularly. A higher quality, double stitched towel will have far greater longevity than a cheaper quality product.”