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How to create elegant, elongated lashes that still look natural

By Guest Writer | 23 November 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature, Products & Treatments

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Salon System lash expert & educator, Ruth Atkins, shares advice on creating elegant, elongated lashes…

You can achieve elegant, elongated and natural-looking lashes using many different types of Salon System lashes. The biggest decision you need to make is how long you want them to last, as different lengths of wear can be achieved depending on the glue used.

Here are my top tips for achieving a range of looks, such as weekend party lashes with no commitment, individual lashes using stronger glue for 5-7 days of wear, professionally applied single and pre-made fan lashes, and infills for continuous wear.

Strip lashes

When creating a natural look, measure the natural lashes that you’re working on and size up only slightly in length and thickness to create an elegant, enhanced look.

For super speedy lash application, the Salon System Naturlash Strip Lashes offer many styles with a subtle flick at the end. Choose from Salon System Naturalash in 116 Black (Natural), 117 Black Texture and 119 Black Texture. Cutting these styles down to ¾ lengths means they will give a very natural result and suit many eye shapes.

Salon System Naturalash in 116 Black (Natural), offers a natural volume, adding length and definition to accentuate the natural eye shape.

Salon System Naturalash in 117 Black Texture, a unique textured strip lash creating a defined, individual lash look.

Salon System Naturalash in 119 Black Texture creates an individual lash look with its unique textured finish, defining the natural eye shape and adding length to lashes.

Individual lashes

The Salon System Cluster Style range is another option for those seeking an alternative to strip lashes, offering a selection of thicknesses, lengths and materials, and options for with or without knots.

Bulb-free styles are easier to blend into the natural lash, especially if a client’s lashes are naturally sparce, suiting a more natural look. For the same look but speedier treatment times, opt for the duo or trios.

Salon System Naturalash Individual Lash in Texture (Wispy Style) Medium creates a fluffy, textured finish with wispy volume.

Start at the outer edge of the eye using the longer lashes, gradually working towards the centre using Medium, then finishing with Small to give a soft blend of the sizes. For more kick at the end, use one intense individual lash. These can be used with strip lash glue, offering 14-hour wear for special occasions and weekends.

For a longer duration, opt for the individual lash glue in either Clear or Black. For a natural look on fairer lashes, I would use Clear, as Black can be too harsh. For a ‘barely there’ look, apply the lashes under the lash line to disguise them further.

Salon System Individual Lash in Bulb-Free Black Long blends seamlessly with natural lashes to add natural-looking length and volume.


This type of lash enhancement takes the longest time to achieve, but will create a very natural look. It is also the most comfortable if you use finer lashes.

Marvelash lash enhancements are weightless and require very little maintenance, apart from brushing them and regular cleansing, as well as regular top-ups in between.

Salon System Marvelash C Curl in 0.07 Extra Fine, Assorted (Mink Style) suits lightweight layered and feathered looks.

You will need to create a lash plan using the longer lashes on the outer part, gradually getting smaller as you work towards the inner eye, and again sizing up only slightly from the natural lashes to keep the results natural. Salon System offer sizes from 9mm to 15mm.

For speed, you can use the ready-made pro-fans, or create a hybrid look using different thicknesses and curls. The J or C Curl would be the ideal choice. In this instance, the D Curl lash might be too obvious when trying to create an elegant, natural result.

Salon System Marvelash J Curl in 0.20 Volume (Super Soft Lash Style) have an adhesive peel-off strip to offer easy application for a volumising lash look.

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